Real Food for Real Families
22 Day Reboot

Lesson 1: Adding In

Welcome to the Reboot!

1. Start by watching Dr. Terry Wahls' TEDx talk on the enormous impact of food on physical and mental health.

2. Listen to lesson 1


3. Assignment

a. Choose one or more to ADD In to your daily routine during our 22 day Reboot

  • Green Smoothie with breakfast - spinach or kale, frozen fruit, kefir or almond milk, banana for sweetness, water or ice. Here are more recipes. 

  • Salad - Add a simple salad with olive oil, lemon, and sea salt to lunch or dinner. Make salad in a jar for easy grab and go during the week.

  • Add a Supplement, probiotic, vitamin, ANd/Or fermented food to your daily routine. How to make easy fermented foods. 

  • Add a piece of fresh fruit to your diet each day. Get a bowl on your counter to hold fruits and bags of Nuts or Seeds.

  • Add a water bottle to your daily routine.

b.  Check into the Facebook Group Here. Tell us why you are doing the program, what you want to change, and why you want to change it.

C. Make a list of the foods you generally eat in a week. Be Honest!

Watch your inbox and FB group for the next lesson!