Almond Milk


Prep time: 

10 minutes


Cooking time: 

0 minutes



4 people



Blanched almonds

Filtered or spring water

Vanilla, honey, sea salt to taste



Add 1/4 cup almonds to blender, or more to make stronger.

Add 4 cups water.

Blend for a few minutes.

Over a bowl or 2 qt. container, pour the milk through a fine mesh strainer to filter out the almond pulp.

Rinse your blender out to remove any pulp residue.

Pour in the milk and blend with the honey, vanilla, and salt. Add a little at a time and give it a taste test.




Keep in mind that this will be different than dairy milk. I recommend that you get it cold before drinking it.

You can discard the pulp or use it in recipes that allow almond pulp. Store in a jar in the refrigerator.

You can have a glass by itself or use it in coffee. You can pour it over homemade cereal or any cereal.

Use it just like you would dairy milk.

**This is delicious over a bowl of toasted pecans, hazelnuts, shredded coconut, and raisins or sliced bananas. Toast the nuts in honey.