Beginner Beekeeping

I have to admit, bees are not as easy as the rest of the livestock we’ve kept - but they are more fascinating! I love and respect these creatures for the delicate role they play in our world and in my garden. Most of the year, the are low maintenance creatures to care for, but the amount of learning is endless. I felt better about my skills, or lack of them, when the extension agent came out and couldn’t find my queen either! In this course, you will learn enough to get started.

1. What you need to start keeping bees - Click Here for a comprehensive list

Watch this video to learn about the parts of the hives and how to set them up.

2. Don’t forget a Bee Suit, hive tool, smoker, adn Feeder. We Like Bushy Mountain BeeS but there are lots of great companies.

3. Now you need some bees. The Best place to check is with your state beekeeping association or local extension office. Here is a list of ours. Here is how you put the bees in the hive.

4. Caring for Bees if you get a package instead of a nuc.

5. Find a group that supports you. There are some great Facebook Groups listed below, but don’t be afraid to call on current beekeepers or extension agents.

6. The thing I wished I had as a beginner was a calendar like this one: