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Revive - Cleanse, Restore and Reboot

Saturday Schedule:

9 o'clock Welcome and Introductions

9:15-11:15am  Workshop 1:  Healing the Hearth and Nourishing the Home: Practical changes you can make in your home today to promote health for the whole family 

11:30-12:30pm  Fresh and Local Lunch with Health Coach Alyssa Davis on The Science Behind Elimination

12:45- 2:45pm  Workshop 2:  Living a Gluten-free Life 

3:15-5:00pm  Workshop 3:  Herbs for the Lymph and Liver 



4 Workshops and Local, healthy lunch are included: Members $45; Non-members $55


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November 15th 9-5

Mississippi families are looking for ways to practically improve health. Cleansing the body of whatever it is we have "too much" of is an important step toward creating a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is too much stress, too much sugar, too much alcohol, or too much unhealthy food, spring and fall are two of the best seasons to restore the body to health. Health Coaches, Alyssa Davis and Phillip Kendall, and Herbalist Lindsay Wilson, will share a wealth of information about foods, lifestyle changes, and herbs that successfully put you on the path toward health.  Cleanse, restore and reboot your body and spirit before the holiday season begins! This workshop is a game-changer for sustaining long-term health.

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