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Online Homestead Book Club - with Author Donna Jackson Nakazawa: The Autoimmune Epidemic and The Last Best Cure

Join us Wednesday January 28th on your lunch break (noon Central) for our monthly Virtual Homestead Book Club! We choose a "life changing" book each month to discuss online. Here is the greatest part: we invite the author! 

In January's Book Club we get to talk to the amazing Donna Jackson Nakazawa, author of The Autoimmune Epidemic and The Last Best Cure. I read both books this year after finding an incredible review of them, and they have changed my life! I want to share them with all of you. 

1 in 12 Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease or disorder. You will be surprised to find out what is on the list these days and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families. Donna did extensive research to uncover the culprits while suffering through her own disease, and what she found out is information every American needs to know. But, she didn't stop there. While Donna got ahold of her physical symptoms, she was still missing what most of us can relate to: joy. In her book, The Last Best Cure, Donna describes her year-long quest to find practices that are scientifically proven to bring joy into our lives.

Participants in our monthly book club will receive an email with a link to the private chat room the week of the event. You will be able to participate in the discussion and ask the author your own questions. The club is free, but you must register ahead of time to reserve your spot and receive the private chat-room link.

Looking forward to seeing you. I cannot wait to meet Donna Jackson Nakazawa!