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Introduction to Permaculture - Online Course

Permaculture is slowly gaining exposure throughout the United States – especially within circles of people who are interested in being self-sustaining or self-reliant, such as modern homesteaders.

But what is permaculture? What does it really involve? Can you make use of it?

Simple searches on the Internet do not really provide satisfying answers to these questions. However, most permaculture courses are very long classes that many people are not sure if they want to take because their most simple questions have not been addressed.

In this Introduction to Permaculture class our instructor, Jared Stanley of Permasapien, will answer those questions so that you can step away knowing what you want to do next – hopefully with the desire to learn even more about permaculture in a full Permaculture Design Course.

Introduction to Permaculture is a 3 hour course, taken in 3 sessions. The topics we will cover are:

  • Session 1: The history of humanity, the history of Permaculture and the Permaculture Ethics. (Tuesday January 6th Noon)

  • Session 2: Concepts and Themes in Design (Tuesday January 13th Noon)

  • Session 3: Methods of Design (Tuesday January 20st Noon)

Each of these sessions is an excerpt from the full Permaculture Design Course.

Participants will receive digital handouts prior to each session which will overview the topic discussed during the session and provide resources you can use to find more information.

You will receive a reminder email prior to the event with a link to the online classroom and a phone number for technical assistance if you are unsure of how to use the program. 

This is an interactive course and Jared will be available to answer your questions during the sessions.

Cost:  Members $15 Non-Members $25            Consider Becoming a Member Today!