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Photo/Writing Workshop

Celebrating the (extra)ordinary with pictures and words.

In our busy days, it is easy to miss the everyday beauty that feeds our soul. And yet when we pause to notice these miracles in our surrounding, we feel happier, calmer, more fulfilled, and will likely make the effort to look for more. 

Join instructor Kasia Gallo in pausing to see the (extra)ordinary beauty that can nurture us daily, and help us to intentionally live out our stories. We will use photography, and writing to uncover and celebrate who we are, and what we love. No technical knowledge of photography or experience in writing are required. 

What to bring:

  • A notebook and a pen
  • A digital camera of some sort, with a display, however small (you will need to see the pictures you took to write about them). The camera doesn’t need to be fancy; the one in your cell phone will work just fine; a small point-and-shoot will work as well. 
  •  Three small objects that are important to you.

Cost $14 Members      $17 Non-Members