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Adventure Kids Camp - Mini Camp

Adventure kids get outside and greet the summer! Zip lines, catching minnows, hiking, and art are all scheduled for this mini-camp. Perfectly scheduled for working parents during Memorial Day week, this camp was a blast last year and we can't wait to make new memories this year!

This year our theme is Japanese culture. In addition to all the fun outdoor activities, campers will learn to paint their names in calligraphy, make sushi, and create their own anime characters. We welcome Hiroko Clay as one our our counselors! 

Evan O'Donnell, who teacher Science Club at Henderson-Ward Stewart will be rejoining us this year for Outdoor Games. Alison Buehler will be leading Into the Woods Science.

Ages: 5-12

Hours: 7:45am-4pm *Drop off begins at 7:30

Swimming: Campers swim from 3-4pm with a chaperone. Parents may watch other children, but no more than three campers per adult. Campers who do not have a chaperone will play with water slides and sprinklers outside the pool area.


Campers will be split into three groups by age and rotate through three stations throughout the day. Station one is Japanese Arts and Culture. Station two is Into the Woods Science. Station 3 is Challenges and Games. Our counselors design full, fun activities based on teamwork and meeting challenges.

We believe kids need to get outside and learn to be confident in nature. We also believe each child contributes to the well-being of the camp family. We make it a priority for each child to find friendship, courage, and the love of adventure!

Tier 1: $125 Choose if this tier if you would like to pay for your child's registration and help offset the cost of registration for another child.

Tier 2: $105 This is what camp costs The Homestead per camper. Please choose this option if you want to register your child for camp.

Tier 3: $90 Don't let financial barriers keep your child from camp!

*** This year we have a strict number limit on campers for each camp. We have discovered that 8 children in each group is our limit. More than that cheats our campers. If you want a space, please reserve your spot early. No exceptions this year, sorry!

Parent Comments from Past Camps:

Your camp was awesome!! It was full of learning skills and made every thing seem adventurous and excitingly fun. Your camp made them use their creativity and skills to work together to make things using the outdoors. Anders cannot wait to see what will happen this summer in camp! . Thank you! - Rosie Opendal

Last year was our first experience with camp, and my boys have been talking about it all year long. It was a wonderful week of giving them the chance to try new things, get dirty and explore their curiosity and creativity outdoors. We can't wait to come back this year! - Haley Higgenbotham

Dangerous Camp for Boys was everything I hoped it would be for my boys. The adventures experienced during camp helped each develop confidence as they tried new things. Both truly believe they could survive in the wilderness now! This mama is just happy the Homestead has programs to keep our youth engaged with nature and the dying art of outside play. - Cat Walker