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Sustainable Sundays - 2nd Sundays - Reviving Food Preservation

Reviving Traditional Food Preservation Methods

As part of our Sustainable Sundays Series Marion Sansing, food enthusiast & instructor for traditional kitchen practices and former executive director of Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute of Mississippi, will talk about traditional regenerative food preservation.

Marion will discuss preserving the harvest, adding value, flavor enhancing, and energy saving techniques without using canning or freezing. Marion will also discuss ancient food preservation methods, their benefits, and disadvantages. Join us for our first Sustainable Sunday of 2017 at the Homestead and share in the conversation.

Sustainable Sundays are free and open to the public. They are a great way to get to know The Homestead Community. If you enjoy The Homestead, consider joining us for other great benefits and activities, or get on our monthly newsletter list so you don't miss an event!