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Imagining Life Beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Dependency

Join us at The Homestead for the mind/body/spirit approach to taming our demons in this day-long retreat to help you re-envision your life. 

Certified Counselor Lynn Peterson will guide participants through cognitive strategies. Depression, Anxiety, and Dependency thrive in a feedback loop of habitual thoughts, physiological events, and reactive behaviors. When we intervene to make changes in any one of these areas, we begin to change the others as well, gradually replacing our pattern of dysfunction with a new pattern of well-being. We will work through exercises that deal with each of these three areas, with a main focus on recognizing detrimental thought habits and replacing them with curiosity, compassion, and hope. 

Author/Shaman Jim Ewing will guide participants through taking a personal inventory and journaling exercises that help set goals and priorities. Jim's focus will be on finding physical and spiritual balance.

Certified SMART Recovery leader, Alison Buehler, will lead participants through part of the workshop that deals with the body. Participants will learn how food affects mood, and strategies to manage stress.


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9am Check in

Registration Fee

Homestead Members $45

Homestead Friends $50

9:15am Workshop 1

11am Workshop 2

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Workshop 3

3pm Clean up




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