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Inside Out Dance After School Program

Inside Out Dance

Do you have a child who loves to dance, but hates to be told how to dance? I took my daughter to ballet, cheer, and modern dance, but to all of them she said, "I just want to do my own dances."

Original Photo by  Bill Benzon

Original Photo by Bill Benzon

Inside Out Dance is creative play in response to music. Classes give children an opportunity to explore their own movement possibilities and patterns.  Through rhythmic motion they increase their coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.  The goal of these classes is for children to delight in moving and to develop a deeper connection and level of comfort with their bodies. We dance in response to a wide variety of music including classical, world, and contemporary. We do not perform set choreography, as a traditional dance class would; instead, we encourage each child to have a unique experience with no performance pressure.

They will also have time for supervised free play outside on The Homestead grounds. This weekly after-school activity is designed for all aged kids. Children will explore dancing from 4:30-5:30.

Tenets of Inside Out Dance:

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  Each one is miraculous and beautiful.  

We respect and encourage one another.

There is no “wrong” way to dance.

We are here for the fun of it.

This course will span 8 weeks 

Homestead Members: $75

Instructor Lynn Peterson

Lynn is a mother and a certified mental health counselor.  “Growing up I always dreamed of being a dancer, but never had an opportunity to take lessons. In college I took a ballet class and felt hopelessly clumsy and lost.  Later, I had the good fortune to be exposed to the work of Gabrielle Roth, a dancer who encourages exploration of one’s own movement through a series of rhythms.  I found that when dancing in response to music and moved by my own feelings, I could leap and turn and soar joyfully through the air—the very things I felt incapable of doing during ballet class.”

Ever since that discovery, Lynn has wanted to help others find their own dance, a dance that comes from the inside out. She has been taking classes and workshops, and dancing in her living room, for the past 25 years. She began teaching in 2010 with her first creative movement class for children.       

“In a culture that places so much emphasis on the appearance of our bodies, we become objects to ourselves and lose touch with the ability to live in and love our bodies for all that they are.  We try to fit ourselves to the molds of what our culture perceives as beautiful rather than experiencing ourselves as uniquely beautiful.  It is my intention to provide an antidote to the destructive messages that our appearance-obsessed society sends young people, especially girls, by giving children experiences of taking joy in their bodies from an early age.”


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