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Virtual Homestead January Course - Real Food for Real Families in 22 Days!

Most of us come dragging into the New Year: irritable, bloated, cranky, tired, kids are out of control and on our last nerves. Yes, the holidays were great, but they leave us feeling foggy and exhausted, as much as fulfilled. The period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas used to lay me out! Now, it only brings me to my knees, and reminds me to refocus. Thank goodness New Year's is a time to START OVER! 

The Homestead Community knows that health and wellness are foundational to a good life. The problem arrives when we try to make these practices a reality with busy schedules, picky eaters, and limited budgets or cooking skills.  

I used my profession as a researcher to solve these practical problems for my family. I read EVERY cutting edge book on restoring the body to full vitality over the last three years. There is A LOT of information, and lots of it is contradictory, or just plain outdated. But as I read and read, and tried and tweaked solutions for our own family, I started to find some patterns. I also simplified the process so that it fit realistically into our lifestyle.

Four years later, I am about to embark on our 5th New Year's elimination program to retune my family's health. And after receiving three phone calls in the last month from some of you looking for help, I spent the last few weeks summarizing everything we learned into a SIMPLE plan that everyone can succeed with!

If you are ready to have more energy than you've had since you were a kid, if you are ready to help your children become calm and focused so that they can control their behavior, if you are ready to lose weight and stop feeling like you are going to snap on the next person who talks to you, join me! We will support each other from January 8th-29th for 22 days, five lessons, and one supportive Facebook Group. I chose 22 days because it takes that long to break a bad habit or create a good one. 

You will learn:

  • What foods to eat for energy, weight loss, calmer nerves, and a brain boost

  • How to meal plan with busy schedules 
  • How to shop on a budget
  • How to avoid common pitfalls
  • How to eat out, or what to do when you travel

Sign up and I'll send you a quick list of what you need to get started today!

You can feel better than you have since you were a kid! You can give your entire family the gift of healthy minds and bodies. Don't wait another year!

Testimonials from 2017 Participants:

"It was nice to do this as a group, as it added more accountability."

"Great information and resources!"

"The program helped me lose 7 lbs which is a great start in my weight loss journey. Really appreciate you sharing your research and experience. Will encourage other to sign up in the future."

"To me, this program really helped me understand how to read labels and how to grocery shop. I wasn't very strict on the program :/ but I am happy that I started making changes and also seeing the benefits of those changes. This program gave me the bust I need it to invest in a wealthy way of eating for my family!"

"I like being able to access the classes and info for as long as I like."


Members $38

Guests $49