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Virtual Homestead Course - Bring in $10,000/Month with Quality Summer Day Camps

I believe affordable, quality summer day camps are THE best way to provide children with supplemental experiences they no longer get in school, while using your passion to generate extra income. And we desperately need more of them!

For 5 years we've run sold-out day camps at The Homestead. Our waiting list is bursting and I know we need more opportunities like this for families across the nation. Quality, affordable summer enrichment programs for children provide needed daycare for working parents and educational, fun experiences for kids that support their growth and development.


Find out how to use your passion to create a meaningful experience for children, affordable summer care for families, and extra income for yourself.

I'll show you exactly how to:

1. Set up legally, find a space for your camp, and protect yourself from liability.

2. Set up logistically, choose a theme, set a schedule, and find activities.

3. Carry out a quality program, advertise, find quality personnel, and make kids and families happy with their experience.

4. Help you form a personalized plan for you camp this summer so that you can bring in $10,000 in four weeks of day camps.

After receiving dozens of phone call on how we operate The Homestead Summer Camps, I decided to host a course to show you how!