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Calling All Dragon Tamers and Bully Busters - Tall Tales Are Here!

You and your child are invited to a fantastical afternoon at The Homestead Sunday, May 7th at 1:30 where you will determine if you are a Dragon Tamer or a Bully Buster, choose your corresponding cape, and enter a fantastic world where KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Make a Bully Busting potion or a Dragon Taming wand, and look out for magical creatures!  

I've been telling you about the creation of the Tall Tales for Small People modern-day fairy tale series for over a YEAR now! These books are designed to give children the courage and kindness they need to solve real-life problems in a fantasy world full of adventure and magical creatures. They give parents and teachers an exciting way to talk to kids about real issues using the power of engaging story. I am super proud of these books and have been waiting impatiently to share them in schools and libraries all over Mississippi. But, I want to introduce them to my own Homestead community first! Join us!

The event is FREE and open to the public. Children Ages 3-9 will enjoy activities the most, but all children from the tiny to the very old variety are welcome!