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Online Course - Getting Your Words into the World

Being a writer and being an author are different things. Founder of The Homestead, Alison Buehler says she became a writer in the 3rd grade, "I filled volumes of notebooks that never saw the light of day."

Learning what avenues are available for getting your words out of the drawer and into the world is an important step. It means we are ready to be vulnerable enough to try and change the world with our writing. It means we believe we have value as entertainers, informers, or educators. 

If you are ready to take the step from writer to published author, we can help.

Facilitator Alison Buehler has published traditionally, independently, and using a hybrid model. She has published in articles, through blogs, and using video. "There are hundred of ways to get your words into the world. You just need to know what your purpose is to decide on the best vehicle for publication."

This course is broken into four online lessons with a weekly online meet-up and a private Facebook support group. 

"The support group helps you keep on track during the course and after the course is over," said Real Food Online Course participant, Marty Brown. "It is great to learn from other people and to see that you aren't alone in your struggle."


Alison took loads of courses and listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts to find out how to make her dream of getting her words off of the screen and into the hands of readers a reality. She boils down almost 1000 hours of learning into this crash course for writers.

"I started out with the dream of getting a book published and quickly learned how little I knew. I waited until after my first book was out in the world to really start learning how to do it right. I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration if I had a course like this. This course synthesizes exactly what I wish I had known twenty years ago!" -Alison

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Lesson 1: What is my purpose for writing? This is the single most important question when you think about how to get your words into the world. The answer to this question will determine what vehicle(s) you use to publish. Do you want to have a creative outlet? Make money? Further a career? Help people? In this lesson, we look at how to match the mode of publication to your purposes for writing.

Lesson 2: Hundreds of Roads, One Path. There are hundreds of ways to get your words into the world, but they all require a similar process. The second lesson helps you explore non-traditional options for publishing and provides tons of resources to start building your platform and reaching new audiences.

Lesson 3: Step by Step. In lesson three, we will dive into the nitty gritty of publication. This lesson covers query letters, proposals, letters of inquiry, independent publishing tools, formatting, editing, and contracting with experts.

Lesson 4: Shouting it to the Rooftop. Any author will tell you about the moment they realized that getting published was only the beginning. Letting the world know your work is out there can be the most discouraging aspect of publishing if you don't have a specific plan. In this lesson, we will discuss how to launch a piece of writing so that people will actually know it is there! 

You will walk away from this course knowing:

1. What your purpose is for writing and which means of publication you should pursue.

2. How to build your platform and reach new readers.

3. How to find an editor, get published, or publish independently.

4. How to let people know your work is in the world.


  • The lessons are typically about 1- 1.5 hours long, and you can watch them at your convenience. The Facebook Private Group is optional,  but it is typically one of the favorite parts of our online courses.

  • The live online chats require Facebook and are conducted within the private groups.

  • You have access to all the course material as long as you like.

  • You can email or message the instructor at any time with questions throughout the month.

  • You can register anytime during the month of the online course and catch up if you like, but we encourage you to join the community at the beginning to benefit from the one on one support from the facilitator.


Homestead Members: $79

Homestead Guests: $98






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