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Traditional Foods for Modern Kitchens - Virtual Homestead Course for November

At some level, we understand that our modern food system is not good for us. The trouble is that traditional, whole, and healthy foods seem to take so long and require so much work that we just give up! 

The Homestead is here to solve that problem. There are five traditional foods that you can incorporate into your modern kitchen that will drastically improve your health and the health of your family without requiring you to get up at 5 AM!

This course is broken into four online lessons with a weekly online meet-up and a private Facebook support group. 

"The support group helps you keep on track during the course and after the course is over," said Real Food Online Course participant, Marty Brown. "It is great to learn from other people and to see that you aren't alone in your struggle."


Lesson 1: Homemade Yogurt - this one simple food can easily fit into your weekly routine and loads you and your family up with beneficial probiotics and lets you control how much sugar goes into the once healthy food.

Lesson 2: Sourdough Bread- Whether you are gluten sensitive or not, fermented foods are easier to digest. Learning to make this easy loaf of sourdough bread goes a long way toward making your belly happy.

Lesson 3: Rendering Lard- Lard got a bad rep when margarine came on the scene. We now know that animal fats are good for our brains and digestive systems. Cooking oil is where many of us get stuck when it comes to healthy choices. This lesson teaches you how to make your own affordable, pure, and healthy cooking lard. 

Lesson 4: Bone Broth - When you enter the traditional food world, you learn bone broth is the cornerstone to healing our guts from the onslaught of sugar and processed foods. Getting into the routine of making bone broth once a week is the foundation for good health in the kitchen.

Bonus: Cultured Vegetables - This bonus lesson was added on by popular request!

You will walk away from this course knowing:

1. How to make yogurt, sourdough bread, bone broth, cultured vegetables and how to render your own lard.

2. How to work these routines into busy schedules and tight budgets.

3. What materials and ingredients you will need.

4. What health benefits you and your family will enjoy from bringing traditional foods into your modern kitchen.

5. Where to find loads of information and reliable resources on traditional foods


  • The lessons are typically about an hour and you can watch them on your own schedule.

  • The Facebook Private Group is optional, but it is typically one of the favorite parts of our online courses.

  • The live online chats require Facebook and are conducted within the private groups.

  • You will have access to all the course material as long as you like.

  • You can email or message the instructor at any time with questions throughout the month.

  • You can register anytime during the month of the online course and catch up if you like, but we encourage you to join the community at the beginning to benefit from the one on one support from the facilitator.

Registration is for Members of The Homestead.