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Nature Kids Cooperative ~ Aesop's Theater

Nature Kids Co-op Theme of the Week: Aesop's Theater
Kids will break out into groups by age and rehearse short plays based on a Aesop's Fables. Kick off time is at 10:00am with “shows” at 11:30am. We'll choose props and design animal costumes during the co-op. If you have a box of favorite dress up materials, bring it! For more details, visit the event on Facebook:

Do you have children who love the outdoors? Come join us at the Homestead each Wednesday from 9:45AM - 12:00PM for some nature play! The nature scape play area will be open for children to climb, jump, make believe and explore. An organized activity will be led starting at 10AM for children interested in participating.

Whether you're a mom with a toddler who needs some fresh air, or a homeschool family of six, you're invited to come socialize in this enjoyable learning environment. Our activities will be focused on nature, science, and seasonally inspired crafts. 

The weekly Nature Kids Co-op is open to Homestead members with children. The local membership of $9.95/month covers the entire family for the weekly nature kids co-op, all Homestead Education Center online resources, AND Homestead monthly events. Anyone is welcome to join. Can't wait to see you there! 

To see details on our theme of the week, join the Nature Kids Co-op event on The Homestead Education Center's Facebook page. The weekly theme will be posted in the discussion: