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Reset Retreat - Guided Fast and Sustainable Health Plan

If you are in need of a game changer, the Reset Retreat is for you. This is a guided self-healing retreat designed to help your body safely detox, wake up your immune system, and give you the tools to make a healthy diet a reality once you get home. Give yourself and your family the gift of longevity, renewed energy, and a healthy mental attitude. Get the support you need to make a significant change successfully.

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Retreat Schedule


After you settle in, find a cup of tea and take a tour around the grounds, the retreat begins with a two-hour lecture from an in-house physician on why water fasting and intermittent fasting is a safe, beneficial practice to add to your health toolkit. You’ll find out exactly what to expect and what benefits you can anticipate.

*Herbal tea, spring water, and broth are available throughout the retreat.



Mindful Mornings - Part of the Reset is giving participants tools to effectively deal with daily stressors that cause us to make unhealthy decisions. Try one of our “Mindful Morning” workshops or find a good book and a spot on the porch.

Mid-Day Break - You need extra rest while your body processes old waste. Give yourself the gift of rest in the afternoon.

Afternoon Tea - Bringing healthy rituals back into our routines is an important part of maintaining healthy benefits achieved during the reset. We gather for tea at 3 and then it’s down to the pool.

Evening Activity - Evenings include lectures, informational movies, or games. On July 4th we will go see the fireworks.


Mindful Morning Workshop followed by reintroduction preparation. What are we supposed to eat in the real world? How do we make time for healthy meals? How to we feed our bodies for longevity and optimum health?

Mid-Day Break

Meal Preparation - We spend Saturday afternoon preparing for our reintroduction meal.

Saturday Evening - Community Meal followed by games.


Mindful Morning Workshop

Make your plan - each participant will work out their individualized meal plan for the coming week based on the diet-route chosen.

Pack-up and good-byes


Extra Self-Care

Self-care is not selfish. It allows us to recharge so that we can go back to the world with a full cup. The Reset Retreat should feel like a luxurious gift to yourself. We have a sauna, weight room, and huge salt water pool.

We can also arrange for extra services during your stay including massage, acupuncture, reiki, and counseling. Please indicate which you would like on your intake form.


Who is Fasting Good For?

For a deeper look at why fasting is an effective tool to add to your health practice see this article.

Who Should Avoid Fasting?

If any of the following apply to you, you should NOT do extended types of fasting:

  • Underweight, defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 or less.

  • Malnourished (in which case you need to eat healthier, more nutritious food).

  • Children should not fast for longer than 24 hours, as they need nutrients for continued growth. If your child needs to lose weight, a far safer and more appropriate approach is to cut out refined sugars and grains. Fasting is risky for children as it cuts out ALL nutrients, including those they need a steady supply of.

  • Pregnant and/or breast-feeding women. The mother needs a steady supply of nutrients in order to assure the baby's healthy growth and development, so fasting during pregnancy or while breast-feeding is simply too risky for the child.

I would also caution you to avoid fasting if you struggle with an eating disorder such as anorexia, even if you are not clinically underweight. In addition to that, use caution if you're on medication, as some may need to be taken with food. This includes metformin, aspirin and any other drugs that might cause stomach upset or stomach ulcers. Risks are especially high if you're on diabetic medication. 

If you take the same dose of medication but don't eat, you run the risk of having very low blood sugars (hypoglycemia), which can be very dangerous. So, if you're on diabetic drugs, you must adjust your medication before you fast. If your doctor is adverse toward or unfamiliar with fasting, you'd be wise to find one that has some experience in this area so that they can guide you on how to do this safely. (

*Due to our limited space and popularity, we do not provide refunds to events less than 21 days before an event. Instead, we will give you a donation form and turn your registration into a scholarship.


Members $450

Guests $495

* We offer partial scholarships. If you are interested in this option please email