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Fall Seasonal Soirée - Eating with the Seasons Potluck

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We celebrate the natural cycle of food and follow the bounty through the seasons at our Seasonal Soirée Potlucks. This is a family-friendly celebration comprised of a mindful meal, purposeful community, and lively discussion. 

For our Fall Soirée, Mandi Sanders will follow our meal with a discussion on minimalism. She will discuss her family's move to downsize to #tinyliving.

Choose your contribution to the potluck consciously and sign up below. Our focus for fall is on foods that nourish and prepare us to rest during winter. We are aware of eating foods that celebrate the slowing down of the season: heavier squash, but also cooler greens can reappear in the garden.

Seasonal Soirés are included with Local Memberships, but guests are welcome to attend at $5/person. 

The Homestead provides dishes, silverware, and entertainment or a speaker. You bring whatever your family would like to drink and a dish to share.