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GF Cooking and Gut Health Workshop


We apologize, but we need to postpone this event!

While Gluten Free has taken on a “joke” status by being overused and over-blamed for every health malady known to humans, many people do find that their bodies respond in positive ways to removing gluten from their diets. Learning to cook nutrient-dense foods that aren’t filled with carbs is a positive move in the kitchen whether you avoid gluten or not. Add a few central meals to your repertoire in an afternoon workshop.

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Then, find out why “gut health” is receiving so much attention lately. What is the latest research and why should we pay attention? What practical steps can we take to improve our gut health and the health of our families? And, what results can we expect to encounter when we take care of what scientists are now calling “our second brain.”

Participants will be split into 2 groups and rotate between the two sessions.