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Outdoor Explorer Camp

Sorry, Camp is Full!

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We are borrowing the Science Club’s camp curriculum this year for our Elementary-Aged Camp - Outdoor Explorers! Learn ALL about surviving in the woods, exploring in nature, and falling in love with your natural surroundings!

Campers will rotate through two stations each day with Mr. Evan O’Donnell and Ms. Karen Hall to cover the following topics:

shelter, water, first-aid, fire, food, foraging, mapping, and outdoor skills


8:45-9:45 Big Group Songs and Games

9:45-11:15 Rotation 1

11:15-12:15 Lunch and Break

12:15-1:45 Rotation 2

1:45 Clean Up

2-3 Camp closes, but campers are welcome to stay and swim with parents while we prepare for the next day. There is no swimming without a chaperone.



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We do our very best to ensure the safety of each child. Please ask your child the safety rules after the first day!

What to Bring:

Please apply bug spray and sunscreen to your child before you drop them off each day. Ticks and chiggers are a part of life in Mississippi, but taking precaution before camp significantly decreases exposure.

Shorts, t-shirts that you don’t mind getting dirty!

A change of clothes in case one gets wet or muddy

A pair of rain boots that can stay all week

A HEALTHY Snack each day and a HEALTHY lunch - we won’t drop our sugared-up kids at your house either! Please choose water as a drink, fruits, veggies, and less packaging.

Water Bottle

Swim suit and towel if you plan to stay for swimming

  • Label EVERYTHING you want back. We hang all lost and founds on the clothes line at the end of each day.