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"Adulting" Camp for Middle-Schoolers


Your middle-schooler wants more freedom, right? With freedom comes responsibility, and we have designed a fun-filled experience to show middle-school kids just what they are in for! Don’t worry! They still have plenty of fun built in.

Designed for Upcoming 6th through Upcoming 9th-graders, or age equivalent campers.

Campers rotate through five simulations (one each day).

Cooking and Cleaning - Come away knowing how to make one decent meal AND clean a bathroom effectively.

Resumes, Accounting, and Applications - Design your resume, fill out a check and create a budget, and learn how to fill out applications.

Keeping Up a Property - Maintaining property is something every adult needs to do! Find out how to do a simple checklist of housing maintenance and address basic chores.

Transportation - It’s not too early to learn the rules of the road. Driver’s ed practice - Homestead style. Extension is partnering with us to teach ATV safety and driving.

Childcare - Learn the basics of taking care of a younger sibling or neighbor’s child while your parents are away.


9-10 Big Group Games

10-12:30 Module for the Day

12:30-1 Lunch

1-2 Clean-up and Swimming

*Middle Schoolers do not need a chaperone for swimming. We have a lifeguard on duty.

2:15 Camp closes



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We do our very best to ensure the safety of each child.

What to Bring:

Please apply bug spray and sunscreen to your child before you drop them off each day. Ticks and chiggers are a part of life in Mississippi, but taking precaution before camp significantly decreases exposure.

Shorts, t-shirts that you don’t mind getting dirty!

A change of clothes in case one gets wet or muddy

A pair of rain boots that can stay all week

A HEALTHY Snack each day and a HEALTHY lunch - we won’t drop our sugared-up kids at your house either! Please choose water as a drink, fruits, veggies, and less packaging.

Water Bottle

Swim suit and towel

  • Label EVERYTHING you want back. We hang all lost and founds on the clothes line at the end of each day.

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