Food and Behavior Lesson 4: Eliminating Foods that Cause Harm

1. I hope you are equipped with the knowledge of how nutrition impacts learning and behavior from lessons 1 & 2, and that you are  well on you way to adding in the nutrients your kids need to function successfully from lesson 3. See the Facebook Group for these discussions.

2. In this lesson, instead of looking at what nutrition needs to be added into children's diets for success, we look at what needs to come out for some children. The top offenders are: dairy, gluten, peanuts, eggs, shellfish, corn, soy, beef, pork, lamb, coffee, artificial sweeteners, food colors, food preservatives, and high FODMAPS foods (FODMAPs are certain carbohydrates found in common foods that are fermentable, osmotic, and poorly absorbed, resulting in digestive symptoms for some people. Research studies have found that following a low-FODMAP diet reduces IBS symptoms in approximately 75 percent of IBS patients.)

3. The GAPs diet (Gut and psyschology syndrome)is what we did at our house and I was blown away by the results. Here's how one mother got her child to participate:

This video shows how after three days of misery, a switch flips and kids are okay with the GAPs diet food (or any other elimination diet program, I assume).


4. Recommended Elimination Programs:

Clean Gut

Gaps - Here's what we did

Dr. Hyman

- The One Diet that Can Cure Most Disease (more for adults).



5. What resources have you come across? Share it in the Facebook Group