Last year we raised a roof for an entire community center. This year we are throwing starfish at The Homestead.

As the starfish story goes, a man tells a child throwing stranded starfish back into the ocean, "You can't possibly save them all."

"Well, I saved that one!" the child replies as he tosses one more into the water.

We are going to help one bright kid get a pair of glasses and go to community college this year. That's it. One. 

I wasn't going to do a Holiday Helping Hands, but your response on this Facebook post told me we needed this project:

"I took a great kid down to the DMV today to get his license so he can start at junior college in January. He applied last year, but couldn’t cover the fee so he went to work. He passed the driving test, but not the vision test. This requires an eye exam and glasses with no insurance. There goes the college money. This is how a bright young man gets stuck in our country."

Here were your replies:

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.22.00 PM.png

So, this young man will get his glasses AND I'd like to pay his first semester in school. We have an appointment after Thanksgiving with the counselor at EMCC, and I will know how much that is then.

If you would like to toss a starfish this year, this is a good one. I believe in this young man. And I believe we can be the stepping stone he needs right now.

Your donation is tax deductible, so please save your receipt.