Our Greenhorn to Green Thumb Gardening Series: Our theory at the Homestead is that ANYONE can grow a successful natural garden with the right information. We had to live through seven years or trial and error, but our goal is to save you that trouble and share in this series exactly what it takes to grow your own veggies without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. We enlisted Matt Heblon, our Greenhorn, and took him through the entire series from a bare backyard to a producing garden in the lessons listed below. You can do it!

Mike and Alison Buehler

Part 1: Building Beds, Soil Amendments, & Rain Barrels


Part 2: Start Dates, Finding Seeds, & Container Gardening


Part 3: Natural Weed and Pest Control


Part 4: Fertilizing, Composting, and Worm Bins


Part 5: Starting Seeds and Saving Seeds


Top Tips for Fall Gardening