We are looking for presenters and vendors that specialize in:

Homestead Day is one of our largest events of the year. Our goal is to connect local residents with resources to improve their health and home through intentional living. Please contact us if you have expertise in the following areas:

  • Gardening: orchards, natural fertilizers & pest control, container gardens, herbs and wildcrafting, composting, local planting and harvest schedules

  • Animal Husbandry: beekeeping, backyard chickens, goats, sheep, pasture raised beef, pork & poultry

  • Foods: fresh, minimally processed, no additives, non-GMO, organic, pastured, preserves, herbal tonics

  • Home: solar power, energy conservation, home repairs, rain barrels; homemade products such as soaps & natural cleaners


  • If you are interested in presenting, fill out a Homestead Day Participant Form. Your information will be shared in a Homestead Day Resource Guide PDF that will be emailed to members and shared on the website.

  • Presentations will begin every hour from 10AM-2PM and last 45 minutes, including Q&A.

  • The schedule of presentation times and locations will be posted on the main event page prior to the event.

  • Presentations will take place on the outdoor stage, upstairs living room, the downstairs family room. Please specify when you register if you need to use the kitchen, garden, bee hives, etc. The images below show locations.

  • Please do not “sell” during your presentation. You may describe your business and products, but your vendor booth is where people will go to pay for your goods or services.

  • Come prepared with any necessary handouts.


Type of Business:
Vendor Registration
  • Fill out a Homestead Day Participant Form. Your information will be shared in a Homestead Day Resource Guide PDF that will be emailed to members and shared on the website.

  • Arrive at 9am to set up. As there are multiple vendors, we ask that you pull up in front of the Homestead, unload, and then move your car so that the driveway remains clear.

  • Bring your own tent, table, chairs, and any materials needed for your booth.

  • Vendor fees are $25 for cottage industries, $75 for businesses, and free for Keep It Local Sponsors. Register online. Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.

  • Below are examples of table/booths from years prior.


  • There is a main Facebook event which you can share to promote the Homestead Day.

  • If your business has a Facebook page, we can create a specific Facebook event for your presentation. This is a great way to draw an audience for your talk. When you accept the co-host invitation, the event is automatically added to your page, and you can edit the event details.

  • Print a flier to advertise the event or include the PDF in your company’s newsletter.

  • Homestead Day is free to attend for local Homestead Members and $5/person for non-members. Registration can be done online beforehand or paid with cash at the event.


from 150.00
Sponsor Level:
Become a Sponsor

If you feel your practice, service or products support homestead living, and you wish to connect with community residents, consider becoming a sponsor of this event.  

  • $150 – SUPPORTER includes vendor booth and website advertising

  • $300 – PARTNER includes vendor booth along with advertising at Homestead Day and in media ads


If you are looking for volunteer hours, we would love your assistance. All volunteers attend for free. Email


We look forward to a great event!