Ready to become a partner in one of the most effective programs addressing poverty in Starkville?

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What does it take to become a successful part of the community? Accepted educational credentials, employment, transportation, the ability to parent your children so that they can be successful, and the ability to make sound health and financial decisions.

But, what if you missed your chance? What if your parents weren’t equipped to help you make the choices that would ensure success while you were in school? What if you made a mistake when you were young and your family couldn’t offer you a safety net? What if your school passed you along because you had a learning disability? What if you graduated but didn’t have transportation to job training? What if you decided it was time to get your life together and move yourself or your family out of poverty?

Where would you go if your family couldn’t help you?

The J. L. King Center receives funding through the Family Centered Programs run by Dr. Joan Butler to provide:

  • GED Study and Testing, Work Keys Study and Testing, High School Credit Recoup

  • Workforce Development Skills - resume writing, interview skills, professional clothing closet

  • Family Wellness Programs - Active Parenting, Healthy Cooking and Exercise Classes, and Computer Skills

  • After School Enrichment and Tutoring Programs

Funding is drying up. It is time for us to take care of our community because what happens in EVERY neighborhood, impacts our schools, our businesses, or housing, and the overall livability of our place.


The Homestead Education Center has been a proud partner of the J. L. King Center since 2016. We raised money through our Helping Hands Project to replace the roof. We partner on an after school program grant and provide curriculum. We offer the same classes that we offer at The Homestead in the King Center on physical and financial wellness.

We want to step up and ensure that the most effective programming for moving people out of poverty in our community does not rely on one source. We have seen people come in the doors of the J. L. King Center as broken people and seen them walk out a year later with degrees, jobs, homes, and effective parenting skills. THIS is how you end generational poverty.

The money gathered through The Homestead goes to support adult education and workforce development in particular. Helping people overcome hurdles to decent jobs is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Make a donation here to support our youth development program.

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Please consider joining our Lighthouse Challenge!

Consider asking your church or civic organization to become a partner. If every church and civic organization in town designated a small monthly portion of their budget to these programs, funding would thrive.

Email for more information.

Here's how you can help.

  1. Attend civic and church planning meeting May 6th at noon at The King Center.

  2. Sign up as a Lighthouse Partner. Our goal is 60K per year for 5 years from 60 churches, individuals, organizations, or businesses. Fill our the form below or email to get your name on the list!

  3. Share this link and pledge your Lighthouse Partnership through The Homestead Education Center, a designated 501 c-3 nonprofit organization. 

    It's time to take responsibility for our WHOLE community.

Lighthouse Partners

The Homestead Education Center

Ms. Pam Jones

Tripp and Cat Walker

Mike and Alison Buehler

Mr. Joe Williams

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Dr. Sherylan Webb at Starkville Eye Clinic

Junior Auxiliary of Starkville

Thrive Health & Acupuncture

Tidy Girl Cleaning

Leslie Fye at Starkville Counseling Associates

Lance and Danielle Atchley

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Melissa and Paul Luckett

Joyce Allen

Mayor Lynn Spruill

Barbara Coats - Modern Woodmen Financial Advisor

Lisa Long and Robert McMillen

Kim Moreland and Brantley Jackson

Kelly Marsh

Brian Anderson

David and Gina Cole

Matthew and Lauren Priddy

Alice Carol Caldwell

Mitchell Eye Care