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Lesson 1: Purpose for Writing and Methods for Publication

1. Start with the graphic below. What is your purpose for publishing?

Traditional, Indi, or HYbrid-1.png

2. Watch the video below.

3. Check out the resources below.

My query letter for my first book.

My proposal for Rethinking Women's Health

How to Write a Query Letter

How to Write a Proposal

Agents that are accepting new authors

Publishers that are accepting unsolicited work


1. If you have Facebook, please join the group:

2. Please start a document with the following:

a. Purpose for writing current piece (entertainment, personal hobby, to inform, to help, to teach, other)

b. Genre and sub-genre if you know what it is (fiction/nonfiction, romance, how-to, thriller, adventure, literary fiction, memoir, etc.)

c. 5 agents who are appropriate for your work and accepting new authors

d. 5 publishers who are currently accepting your genre

e. Your letter of inquiry

f. Your proposal

3. Post a link to your document in the Facebook Group if you are using google docs, or email it to me for feedback!