Lesson 2: Many Paths to Publication

1. Review - 

From lesson one you should have determined a. What is my purpose for writing, b. What is my genre and sub-genre, c. How to write my query letter, d. What components I need for my proposal, and e. Who are five publishers and agents that would be interested in my work.

2. Watch Lesson 2.

3. Check out the following sites:

a.  Reedsy

b. Vellum Publishing

c. Create Space

d. Ingram Spark

e. Draft 2 Digital

4. Homework

On your document list:

a. Three possible cover designers

b. Three friends who would read and edit your work

c. Three possible editors from Readsy

d. Will you use Vellum to format or a designer. If a designer, who (Reedsy)?

e. Create Space, Ingram Space or Both?