Stress and Antidotes

1. Start Here. Watch this video.

2. Listen to Lesson 2.

3. Choose one guided meditation that you like from this list and listen to it three times (at least) this week.

Tara Brach

The Honest Guys

Body Scan


Exercise of your choice at least 30 mins 3X this week.

4. Check in with the Facebook Group.

a. What are your stressors and stress relievers.

b. If you are having trouble with mindfulness, what is your resistance? i.e. waste of time, not effective, feel silly, etc.

c. Keep naming your Lizard Thoughts. As you incorporate mindfulness, you will begin to identify a split second where you can begin "flipping" those thoughts to more constructive thoughts. Begin building the "new creek bed" in your brain this week.


If you want a great book on how everyday stress leads to chronic disease and depression/anxiety and what to do about it, check out Donna Jackson Nakazawa's Childhood Disrupted. 

If you want more information on mindfulness, here are some great videos.

John Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness Practice for Patients