Lesson 4: Marketing Your Book - Without Selling Your Soul!

1. Watch Lesson 4

2. Set up your author website here.

I like squarespace for ease (about $27/month) or wordpress. 

3. Set up your author Facebook Page and Group

4. Choose 2 Paid Marketing Strategies

a. Facebook Ads

b. Amazon Ads

c. Goodreads Giveaways

d. Paid Promotions

5. Choose 2 free promotional strategies

a. Guest Blogs - Contact 10-15 blogs who have followers that would like your book and ask them to submit a guest blog. Write these before release and send them all during release month.

b. Articles - identify 10-15 publications that deal with topics from your book. Submit articles ahead of release.

c. Podcasts/Webinars- Contact 10-15 podcasts with your target audience and schedule appearances starting the week of release.

d. Guest Appearances - Schedule 1 guest appearance a week for the first few months of a book release. These can be at libraries, book clubs, schools, social organizations, business organizations, and churches. Don't forget to collect emails!

e. Conferences or Book Fairs - Create a book tour where your readers will be!

6. Create your "Angel Team" - Angel teams get early copies of your books, tell you about mistakes, write early reviews, and share your book with their networks once it comes out. They are invaluable!

7. Be patient and persistent! It takes time, but the effects are like a snowball.

Go out and change the world with your writing!