Natural Health Expo
@ The Homestead Education Center

Thank you 2019 Vendors!

We are so excited to support wellness and healthy living in Starkville through the Natural Health Expo. Our goal is to connect community residents interested in natural health with alternative methods of self-care, and YOU are it. You are the thread that holds this event together by sharing your passions in a receptive and interactive way with this community. Thank you!

Become a Vendor and/or Presenter


  • Practitioners: drugless therapies such as manual manipulations (chiro, massage, PT, etc), acupuncture, relaxation, counseling, herbals, homeopathy, dietetics

  • Products: all natural, no synthetics, no fragrances or chemicals; supplements must be organic and whole-foods based without additives such as magnesium sterate or artificial colors, etc 

  • Fitness: most exercise and movement practices, including yoga, tai chi, marital arts (perhaps not those in the extreme) 

  • Foods: fresh, organic, minimally processed, no additives, non-GMO, pastured


  • As a vendor you may speak on stage for 20 minutes, 45 minutes, or choose to opt out of presenting all together.

  • The schedule of presentation times and locations is posted on the main event page. Confirm your presentation time on the FINAL schedule posted at the Natural Health Expo in case any changes are made.

  • Presentations will begin on the hour and half hour. The general format is for 45 minutes of talks followed by 15 minutes to visit at booths. Three locations will be used: the upstairs living room, the outdoor stage, and the downstairs family room. The images below show locations.

  • Only the downstairs will have a projector. If you need a projector and are not scheduled to present in the downstairs family room, please Facebook message Andrea Bhatia.

  • Topics should fit within the Natural Health Expo mission of supporting self-care through education, testing methods, natural lifestyle products and practices, and drugless therapies that work with your body's natural ability to heal itself.

  • Please do not “sell” during your presentation. You may describe your business and products, but your table/booth is where people will go to pay for your goods or services.

  • Come prepared with any necessary handouts.

Table / Booth:

  • Bring your own table, tent, chairs, and materials to set up.

  • To give you some inspiration for table/booths, below are a few images from our Fall Homestead Day.

  • Arrive at 9am to set up. We will have a group waiting at 9AM to help you unload. As there are 20+ vendors, we ask that you pull up in front of the Homestead, unload, and then move your car so that the driveway remains clear.

  • If you have any extra outside chairs, please bring them along to set up in front of our outdoor stage. Write or tape your name on them so we can be sure they go home with you. 


  • There will be a customized Facebook event linked to your business or personal page of which you are a co-host. Feel free to edit the description and image to better represent your presence at the event. Invite your network and post the event to your Facebook page.

  • The Homestead will promote the main Natural Health Expo Facebook event.

  • Download and print a flyer to hang in your business. Share this flyer via email or in a newsletter if you have one.

  • The Natural Health Expo is free to attend for local Homestead Members and $5/family for non-members. Registration can be done online beforehand or paid with cash at the event.


If you feel your practice, service or products support wellness and healthy living, and you wish to connect with community residents interested in self-care and natural health, consider becoming a sponsor of this event.  

  • $500 – free booth space, advertising at EXPO and in media ads

  • $200 – website advertising, 50% off booth pricing

  • $100 – website advertising, 25% off booth pricing


We look forward to a great event!