15 Minute Chicken

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 4-8 minutes for each pan of chicken

Yields: As needed 



Thinly sliced chicken breasts or tenders

1 cup asparagus (also thinly sliced)

1 cup mushrooms (also thinly sliced)

olive oil, paprika (1 tsp), salt (1 tsp), pepper (1 tsp), garlic (1 tsp),



Combine olive oil and seasonings in a bowl. Add chicken and coat.

Heat pan greased with coconut oil to medium heat. I find a couple of Tbsp of coconut oil and enough water to cover bottom of pan is best.

When hot enough 1-2 minutes, but not angry (Spatter and crackle and pop noises is angry and you must allow to cool before adding chicken) add chicken. Cook 8 or so minutes. Flip. Add mushrooms and asparagus. Cook until done.

Water may evaporate before chicken is done. Add some more, but a little at a time.

If you cook right, this will be super juicy and fall apart on your fork.



The more chicken you cook the longer it will take to cook. You don't want to crowd chicken in the pan. Tomatoes and onions are a great add.