Revive Your Health

Dear Members and Friends,

Health has slowly taken center stage in our family's life. When Mike and I met, we were in our early twenties and indestructible. I don't think health played any factor in our behaviors or decision-making. It was not until we started a family that we began to think about how what we put into our bodies impacted our children and ourselves long-term.

The more we dug into it, the more concerned we became. Our diet and lifestyle was a recipe for disaster for our children. Not only that, it had started to catch up to us in ways that we were unable to ignore.  Stress, unhealthy food, and increased alcohol use all expanded with careers and more kids. Even our home-cooked meals were really heated up processed foods. Slowly, we began to make changes. 

It started with a garden. Then we began shopping in the organic food section and going to the farmer's market. We increased our intake of healthy stuff way before we decreased our consumption of unhealthy stuff. But we began crowding some of the bad things out. We learned about probiotics and leaky gut, which was a real turning point for me and my health. We started, at least, attempting to take care of ourselves. 

What really got us moving were a few bring-you-to-your-knees health crises. Nothing like having no other choice to motivate change in humans. As hard as some of the things were that we had to go through as a family, I would not trade what we have learned or the life we have now. On the front end, changing lifestyles and ingrained behaviors seems about as likely as changing species. I felt that way: This is how we are. Let's just make the best of it. It is really only on the other side of change that we see how worth it every step is. We would never go back. Life is so much sweeter on this side!

The theme for this month at the Homestead is Revive. Our author chat for the month is with a family who went through a very similar health transformation. Shaye Elliot writes one of my favorite blogs: The Elliott Homestead and is the author of From Scratch. Join us online to ask for practical tips on how she and her family are making the shift to a healthier wholesome life.  Author Chats are free and open to everyone who registers.

Our weekend retreat for November is Cleanse, Restore, Reboot. If you want to jump-start your health change this is the weekend for you. Learning the science behind food and behavior really helped us understand why we needed to make certain changes. Finding a community that supported these changes made it possible. Come for a crash course on Saturday only, or join us for the entire weekend to get your family moving in the right direction.

This week, I'll be sending out some practical how-to's to help you make the shift in your family. 

Here's to Your Health!