Baby Steps to Health

In order to make health a central part of our lives, we had to have a pretty good reason. We had a few: Max, Ben, and Cecelia. We made our first health changes for them even before we cared enough to do it for ourselves. I said I would share some tips this week for making health practical. My first tip is Baby Steps.

Making one small change is important. Making one small change gives you the confidence you need to make others. You don't have to change your entire existence right away, you just have to make one change. Here are a few:

  • Find out WHY you need to make changes. This video is a great, short recap that explains what making changes can do for your health quickly.
  • Find out WHAT changes you can make that will have the biggest impact. This video is a very simple 4 step health process that is doable.
  • Pick ONE THING on the list of WHATs. Don't do all four. Health is a process. It isn't something you accomplish, check off, and put in the attic. 
  • FORGIVE yourself. If you screw up, and you will, don't beat yourself up. Let it go, and start again the next day. My rule of thumb is: For every two good days, I can have one off day.
  • Make it about JOY. You will never stick to a program or a plan that feels painful. It has to feel exciting, fun, JOYFUL. And you know what? Feeling like you have energy, getting your creativity back, and seeing health ailments fade is exciting!
  • Here are some specific baby steps you could make based on the videos above:
  1. Triple your intake of veggies a day. Start with adding one smoothie filed with leafy greens a day to you diet. Just this one change made a huge difference in my level of energy. My Go To Recipe: Blueberry Kefir (from the store), frozen blueberries, a handful of kale or spinach, and a little water.
  2. Start eating one probiotic food everyday. The pills are not easily assimilated by the body. Learn to make one easy fermented food and eat a little every day.
  3. Take a fish oil supplement. 
  4. Learn to meditate. Stress is at the top of the list for every major disease: heart disease, cancer, depression, and autoimmune disorders. The science behind benefits of meditations is astounding. There are guided mediations all over the internet.
  5. Walk. Park at the back of the parking lot where your car will be safer. Take the stairs at work. Do two laps around your office after lunch. Just start moving a little bit.

What baby steps are you taking? What makes change manageable in your life? Share your tips with us and join the conversation. If you are ready to learn more, sign up for our REVIVE: Cleanse, Restore, Reboot Weekend, or Saturday Experience November 14-16th

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