Crowding Out Bad Health with Good

I don't really want a spinach, blueberry, kefir smoothie for breakfast. What I want is biscuits and gravy. But, if I can think about how I will feel at two this afternoon, I choose the smoothie. If I eat the biscuits and gravy, at two o'clock I will feel like I have no other earthy choice but to drop my head to my desk and sleep. Two o'clock is right before my kids get home and I want to spend time with them. If I eat the biscuits I will literally drag myself through the second half of my day. If I eat the smoothie I don't need a nap. If I eat the smoothie, I am much more likely to enjoy the hours with my kids after school. We are more likely to go outside, ride bikes, or go for a walk. If I eat the biscuit, we will probably sit around and play on our computers. I have to think about it like that.

Crowding out is my second tip for regaining health. Crowding out does not require you to give up anything, you just add in a whole lot of good things. Here is how it works. If you fill up 3/4 of you plate with vegetables, there is only 1/4 left for other things. If you eat a humongous salad for lunch, you don't have as much room for food that makes you feel bad. If you add walking 20 minutes each evening, you have less time to drink beer. Its simple. Don't give up anything, just add in one or two commitments you can stand. Here are some suggestions.

  • Eat 6 cups of organic vegetables every day - go to the local farmers market, join a CSA (community supported agriculture where you buy a share in a farm and receive a box of veggies every week), plant a winter garden.
  • Walk 20 minutes 3 times a week - Free. Done.
  • Add a healthy smoothie to your breakfast, don't replace it yet, just add it.
  • Add in a multivitamin and fish oil - get the mercury free fish oil. Read reviews on vitamin companies. Invest in a good one.
  • Add one pot of grass-fed chicken bone broth to your diet each week - this is so stinking easy and the health benefits are incredible. Roast a grass-fed, organic chicken for dinner in the oven. Take all the bones and carcass leftovers and throw them in the crock pot. Cover with spring water and add a few tablespoons of vinegar. Turn on crock pot for 48 hrs and walk away. Strain bone broth into jars and store in the fridge. When I cook rice, instead of water I use bone broth. When I need a quick dinner, I pull out the bone broth and throw in whatever leftover veggies we have for soup. 
  • Add one fermented food in every day - fermented foods are essential to healing what our modern diet and lifestyle does to our health. Learn to make one fermented food and work a little into your diet every day. I recommend Sandor Katz's Wild Fermentation. 
  • Add in a guided meditation every morning - There are tons of guided meditations on Sound Cloud that take fifteen minutes a day. The research coming out on the health impacts of meditation is compelling. 

Add in some health some healthy food and behaviors and you have less time and space for you old unhealthy one. It gets you started feeling GOOD again. 

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Here is to your health!