The Power of Yes and No

Adapted from a blog post by Lindsay Wilson

YES and NO are deeply spiritual words.  They don’t seem like much, but just think about what they can do by speaking them! They can begin and end pretty much anything.  They can allow or not allow.  They can open or close something.  They can connect or disconnect, affirm or not affirm. Begin to think about why these words hold such power.  Like the banks of a river that allow the water to flow through its form, our simple Yes’s and No’s, shape the flow of the energy of our life. 

Every moment of every day we decide where we want our energy to flow.  Our awareness…  Our thoughts…  Our emotions…  Our habits…  All are greatly affected by the Yes’s and No’s we speak and assume throughout the day. As women, we are trained over and over again to say yes, to be nice, to please others, without regard to whether this yes is authentic for us. It takes some time and care to overcome our social programming and learn to listen to our inner knowing about whether or not to say “yes” to someone or something.

Think of No ~ not as negative ~ but as this statement:  “I do not wish for my energy to flow in that direction.  It does not feel right.”  When you say no, you hold energy. 

Think of Yes ~ not as positive ~ but as this statement:  “I do wish for my energy to flow in that direction.  It does feel right.”  When you say yes, you let energy flow. 

This kind of exercise allows you to build up your intuition.  You begin to sense where your energy wants to be used.  You can make a regular practice of asking yourself, your body-heart-mind, what feels right or appropriate.

Why do this? You need energy to make your way through challenges and joys and sorrows of life. Finding the humility to listen to the whispers and yearnings of our soul and follow through with Yes’s and No’s to stay on track with the journey we are meant to take is spiritual work. Some questions to contemplate:

What do you allow into your life and where do you set your boundaries?

Do you say YES when you really mean NO?

And, are you saying NO to the things that could actually assist you on your life journey?

How do we begin to shift the flow of energy so that we begin to align with our highest callings? How do we learn to fiercely protect and deeply nourish the preciousness of life in and around us? And, how does all of this affect culture and society?  Are we all silently saying YES to things that are ‘business-as-usual’ in our communities because we don’t think we can change anything for the better? Do we blame others ~ family members, friends, politicians, ‘the system’, history, etc ~ so that we suppress the possibility that we can create a different way of life?

When we enjoy saying NO to the things that do not light us up from the inside, we make space and a chance to really say YES when the right things rolls along. Many of us who are empathic or sensitive need to grow comfortable with disappointing others. Because more sensitive people can feel that brief disappointment from the other, it’s hard to say NO. However, when you say YES for the sake of NOT feeling the discomfort, you are ultimately not only harming yourself, you are harming others as well. If we rush around saying YES, we undermine our richness, our fullness, and our ability to be PRESENT with our true self and the BIGGER YESes.

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