Back from the Wild West to the Sunny South

We enjoyed an incredible family vacation in Wyoming. The air is dry, clean, and vibrant out there! We saw exciting animals like bison, elk, moose and even an otter. The mountains - oh my goodness. The water was so clear in the rivers and lakes you could see the bottom.

I have to admit, I had my doubts about my home place while we were there. Starkville, Mississippi. I mean even the name leaves the imagination in a funk. I thought about how much more pleasant it would be to lead camps out west without chiggers. I thought about how great it would be to garden without sweating at 8am. I thought about how much more time we spent outside because it was pleasant on vacation, and how much time we spend escaping the heat at home.

When I got off the plane, my in-laws picked us up. When we got home, my parents were here visiting on their way back to Hattiesburg. I had messages from friends saying, "Welcome back!" And I couldn't wait to see my neighbors. My garden was a bit overrun, but full of tomatoes. And the dog was happy to see me.

There may be more and less desirable places to live. But my family is here. My friends and my kids' friends are here. I can grow something in the garden all year. It is hot and muggy in July, but its usually pretty great in December. The truth is, you make your own place by the people and the events you fill it with. I am glad to be home.