Freebies for Members

We have over 30 folks signed up for our Guinea Pig to Green Thumb Virtual Garden Series already! It is the newest Thank You for Members of the Homestead if you register by August 4th. I have had dozens of questions about how to sign up and why you have to be a Members to gain access.

The Homestead operates on about $30,000/year. That pays for taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, teachers, and events. One-third of that comes from Memberships. Frankly, we wouldn't be able to operate without our Members. 

Because we are so thankful that our community supports our efforts by paying Membership dues each year, we try to make it worth their time by giving Members content and educational experiences that exceed their dues.  

When you become a Member of the Homestead you get an account on our Membership Pages. You create a password and have access to our :

Real Food for Real Families: 5ish Ingredient Recipe Database

Homestead How-to Video Library

Homestead Days Garden & Livestock Journal

and now our Virtual Education Series, Guinea Pig to Green Thumb Gardening 


Members are also invited to attend 5 Free Events each year:

Homestead Fair September 27

Fall Plant Walk September 28

Spooky Stories Around the Campfire October 26

Spring Plant, Bulb, and Seed Exchange March 29

Membership Appreciation Picnic - May 2nd


Finally, Members also receive discounts on all our other Events and Rentals.

So THANK YOU MEMBERS! We so appreciate you.

If you would like to join as a member and have not yet, please follow the link below.


Alison Buehler