Reclaiming Real Food

We have been talking about changing our quality of life by changing our food. There isn't anything more easily understood than, "We are what we eat!" In this country we eat mostly corn, soy, refined sugar, and processed foods. If we are what we eat, most of us probably resemble walking pop-tarts. 

It took a health crisis in our family to get us to really look at what we were putting into our bodies. My youngest was four and we were about to put her on medication for some severe sensory integration stuff. Basically, she couldn't stand the way clothes felt touching her body. We significantly cleaned up our food and within a month, Cecelia was fine. Seven months later she still is!

We have been sharing others stories of healing through food changes. Alyssa, who had several operations by the time she was in high school for Chron's Disease was told she would always be sick. She now leads a completely normal life and helps others make the journey. The only change? Food. We shared Deborah's story last week of how she not only lost weight, but improved all her worrisome blood work within three months. There are dozens of health ailments diet and lifestyle can prevent and repair. For an overview of the science on how profound lifestyle and diet impacts health, watch Dr. Dean Ornish's Pop Tech Talk.

These profound stories and the science behind them are the reasons we offer our Nourish: Reclaim Real Food Weekend at the Homestead. My husband, a physician, and I, a former special education teacher, believe if you can learn to reinstate Real Foods as a way life, the implications for your quality of life are HUGE. One of our promises to ourselves when we turned our own life journey into a educational facility for others, was to only hold programs and events that helped us remain true to our mission: Give people the tools to create a more self-sufficient, meaningful, and natural life. Our other promise was to maintain a standard of quality in the events we offer and the people we accept as teachers. Marion Sansing, who leads Nourish, is a star among stars.

When I describe Marion to people, I usually say, "She is a Jane of All Trades. She can do anything!" While that is true, I would have to say what Marion does best is share her passion, her down to earth countenance, and her depth of knowledge and practical skills about bringing Real Food back to the table. This week we will be sharing some of her favorite tricks, recipes, and advice on the practicality of Real Food in two more blog posts. This morning, I caught up with her in her kitchen for a quick interview while she made babaganoush from extra eggplant from my garden to freeze for winter. Marion's kitchen is one of my favorite places in the world, and a favorite of many other people. Most days someone stops in to trade food secrets, taste some new fermented food Marion has concocted, or just to be in the presence of, as Marion calls it,  "Cooking with love!"