Seasonal Shifts

It is crazy that two weeks ago we were out with snow days, last week were were buried in rain, and this week spring is in full effect. I tried to follow the seasons more closely this year. I usually plant a winter garden, start things in the greenhouse way early, and get things out to the garden early so I can start harvesting early. Then I am exhausted by June with gardening, and all the amazing stuff bursts in July. 

This winter I tried to embrace winter, rather than trying to busily bustle my way through it and wait for warm weather. I did nothing in the garden. I found the pigs new homes (and Joy found herself a new home at the neighbor's across the street - thank God they are incredibly kind and understanding of this free spirited dog). All we kept were the chickens. I even considered that maybe we were done with Homesteading. I was tired and I took a break all winter. I rested while nature rested.

By mid-February I was ready to go again. I was so ready I almost came out of my skin waiting for spring this year. It was a good energy. Like a tight spring that coiled itself up all winter and was ready to burst. 

Burst is what we have done this week. The Homestead is full of new animals that I feel ready and energized enough to care for well. After months of feeling like time moved slowly, suddenly there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. It works out though because the days just got longer. It's still light when we feed the baby goat his last bottle and take the new puppy for his last perimeter walk of the day.

The gardens have waited patiently all winter. Mike and Ben covered the paths with 104 bales of pine straw to keep the weeds in check. Yesterday I covered every bed with The Complete Organic Formula. This week we will push the first seeds into that rested soil and wait for more miracles.