Breathing New Life into Easter

22 Apr 2014 9:00 AM |Alison Buehler

Good Morning!

Easter is my favorite holiday. The weather has always turned by Easter in Mississippi and it is such a hopeful holiday. Resurrection, spring, new life - Easter!

I was worried about Easter this year, though. With our family's health journey, Easter would not be what it used to be. Easter is the last of the sugar holidays starting with Halloween. We skipped all eight of the community egg hunts and the Easter party at school. But I knew we couldn't get around church and I wanted my kids to love Easter like I always had growing up. 

Cecelia was actually going to wear her Christmas dress that she refused to wear then due to all her clothing/tactile issues. I rarely buy nice clothes for the kids because they are so tough on them, and I was determined to wear that dress even if it was a season late.

So the Sunday before Easter I made a plea during the announcements at church. I stood up and I was the sugar Nazi. I was so nervous I don't remember much of what I said at all, but it was something like this. 

"By the time our kids are 8 they have consumed more sugar than people two generations ago did in a lifetime. I know we love our kids in this church and we want them to feel that they are loved and welcome, but I want us to remember as Easter comes up that there are lots of ways to do that. It has been really hard bringing my kids to church because of coffee hour. I just want us to think of other ways to let our kids know we love them without sugar."

I felt like that crazy person who silences a room. 

Thankfully I go to a great little church. Easter Sunday services ended and we all went into fellowship hall for the traditional Easter brunch. I braced myself as my youngest ran over to the table. It was full of fruit, nuts, veggie plates, deviled eggs, and tons of other things that are good for people! I was moved almost to tears.

But then it was time for the egg hunt. Cece is a fast egg hunter this year and she filled her basket. They boys are less excited, but they had a lot of eggs too. They began to crack the little plastic orbs open one by one. I saw stickers, stamps, pretzels, raisins, balloons, coins, and a little bit of candy.

Cece said, "You know what's weird mom? I only got a little candy this year," as she happily stamped Easter bunnies all up and down her arm.

Thank you! Thank you! Trinity Presbyterian Church. He is risen indeed!