Chicken Troubles


05 Aug 2014 6:57 AM |Alison Buehler

Raising chickens is one of the easiest, most rewarding things you can do to gain a little control over your own health. Chickens raised on grass and bugs like we raise them are 3 times higher in Omega 3s than store bought eggs, even the organic, free range eggs (the requirements are dismal). Chickens are easy to care for and you can leave them for the weekend with no problem. They are fun to watch and require minimal care.

But today I am frustrated with the chickens. For years I have run my chickens in a "chicken moat" around my kitchen garden. The theory is that they catch some of the bugs before they get to the garden. I can also throw weeds and rotten veggies right over the fence for them to dispose of. 

The inside fence is only about 3.5 feet high. I originally raised only Buff Orpingtons. They are big, yellow birds that are good layers. I guess they were too heavy to land on the short fence, so I never had a problem with them getting in my garden once I clipped their wings.

I have a ton of Araucanas now that are smaller and lighter. They lay the bluish greenish eggs. I have to say, other than the cool colored eggs and their funny "ears," I'm not crazy about them. They are very skittish birds. Every single morning for the last 2 weeks I have had to chase three-four (and yesterday 5) out of the garden. Mike and I are putting up a much taller deer fencing net around the inner garden today. It might work if they don't find the opening in the gate.