Post 1 of 4 on the Power of Food

December 29, 2013

I bought Grain Brain for my Dad for Christmas, but Mike and I ended up reading it while we were staying with my parents in Hattiesburg. Wow! My husband is finally on board! Now our kids are in serious trouble. It is amazing how secure I feel about going forward with food changes now that I am not going alone. Mike and I had begun to take separate trips to the grocery. He continued to load up on breakfast cereal and breakfast bars. At least he started buying organic, but I have become more and more convinced that modern grain is rough on human bodies.

Another thing happened last month that I believe facilitated this shift. Cecelia, our youngest, has always had trouble with shoes. She goes barefoot most of the time and as a toddler in Mississippi, that worked fine. As she got older and began to go to preschool and it became unacceptable for her to run around barefoot at church, we started to notice a real issue. I know this sounds like a ridiculous problem. Shoes became unbearable to her. Forget socks all together. Every season, after numerous discards, we would finally find one pair that she would wear until they literally fell apart.

Her first year playing soccer, she was the only little girl out of hundreds on the fields who wore tennis shoes with no socks and no shin guards. About midway through the season we convinced her to wear the socks with her tennis shoes because her legs were pretty beat up. By the very last game of the season, we finally wore cleats with soccer socks.

We high-fived each other and thought, “progress!” And then it started to spread to everything. She had always been a picky eater. She was prejudiced toward white foods only. Rice, chicken, bread, milk, bananas. Then, some days bananas would offend her, chicken wouldn’t be right, or bread landed on the floor. At the same time, all clothes started to “hurt.” Every morning she would writhe on the floor screaming, “It’s not right! It’s not right!”

Pant seams felt tortuous, underwear unbearable, coats for colder weather, maddening. Cecelia had long refused to let me put anything in her hair like a bow or  pig tails, but now she couldn’t even stand for me to brush it. Everything became a battle and I began to dread waking her up in the morning.

It didn’t phase Mike as much, he would just stuff her into her clothes like a sausage, buckle her in the car, and listen to her scream all the way to pre-school. At four and a half, I couldn’t pick up her thrashing body any more. More importantly, I didn’t want to.

As a person who has struggled for the majority of my life with my mental status, my biggest fear as a mother is inevitable. I had seen some serious relief from my diet changes and I want more than anything to help my children avoid the self-inflicted hell I put myself through if there is any way I can.

Mike had a week off at Christmas and saw first hand for a week straight how troubling Cecelia’s behavior had become. I think this might have made Grain Brain more appealing to him, but he would never admit it:)

So the whole family is on board for round three. We are basically going Paleo with high hopes (me) and a large amount of skepticism (Mike). But either way, we are going. I believe in the power of food!