Herbal Tea Recipe for Hormone Balance and Women's Health

Here is the recipe I use for balanced hormones from Rethinking Women’s Health!

Hormone Support Tea Formula

I order my dried herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs. I trust them, and they have excellent customer service. I order in bulk and mix the herbs together to make this tea I drink daily. If I have time, I will make an infusion to drink throughout the day.

I also take chaste berry extract in capsule form daily as well. All hot flashes and mood swing around my period disappear when I am consistent. I also notice better skin and significantly decreased cramping.


Tea Recipe

1 part oat straw -  This herb has been widely used as a natural diuretic, a gentle tool that may help decrease bloating. Diuretics are also said to be important tools that aid the cleansing process by helping to support the kidneys and urinary tract. It is an excellent source of B vitamins, nutrients essential for energy production and mood stabilization, and calcium needed for bone strength. Oat straw is also used to calm the nervous system, relief anxiety, and reduce irritation.

1 part stinging nettle - Stinging nettle root extract is a powerful herb that has been shown to slow or stop the spread of prostate cancer cells. Use of a stinging nettle tonic for the female system goes back to Native American women who used it throughout pregnancy and as a remedy to stop hemorrhaging during childbirth. It is considered one of the best women’s all around tonics for the female reproductive system, excellent for young women just starting their monthly cycle, as well as women entering menopause. Stinging nettle is packed with vitamins and minerals and helps to keep testosterone circulating freely.

 1 part red clover blossoms - Several studies of a proprietary extract of red clover isoflavones suggest that it may significantly reduce hot flashes in menopausal women. Also, menopause increases a woman's risk for developing osteoporosis (significant bone loss) and some studies suggest that a proprietary extract of red clover isoflavones may slow bone loss and even boost bone mineral density in pre and peri-menopausal women.

1 part red raspberry leaf - Red raspberry leaf tea is well known in the herbal world as being one of the safest and most beneficial herbal remedy for women, even during pregnancy. It can be a great aid to women’s health, particularly when it comes to toning and strengthening the uterus. Red raspberry leaf tea contains an alkaloid known as fragrine, which can help strengthen the uterus as well as the pelvic area. This can be beneficial to women during menstruation periods, helping to ease pains and cramping.

1 part calendula - calendula has traditionally been used for menstrual irregularities, painful periods and premenstrual breast swelling and tenderness. As gentle on the skin as it is on vaginas, calendula may soothe symptoms of vaginal thrush when not easing your child's latest scraped knee. This soothing herb can be used internally and externally, in ointments and creams, teas and tinctures.

Herbal Tea - Teas are a favorite way to consume herbs. Made by brewing a small amount of herbs (typically a teaspoonful to a cup of water) for a short time (generally 1-2 minutes), teas are flavorful, colorful drinks.

Herbal Infusion - An infusion is a large amount of herb brewed for a long time. Typically, one ounce by weight (about a cup by volume) of dried herb is placed in a quart jar which is then filled to the top with boiling water, tightly lidded and allowed to steep for 4-10 hours. After straining, a cup or more is consumed, and the remainder chilled to slow spoilage. Drinking 2-4 cups a day is usual. Since the minerals and other phytochemicals in nourishing herbs are made more accessible by drying, dried herbs are considered best for infusions.