Aren't you glad you live in a world with Octobers?

Anne of Green Gables was my favorite book as a kid. What was yours?
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Thank God for Octobers!

It is FINALLY cooling off in scorched north Mississippi. The ground is so parched that there are cracks in the yard deep enough for my middle child to stick his arm in up to his elbow. Two-hundred miles away, southwest Mississippi is covered in mold from the leftover flood damage, where churches and volunteers lead relief efforts. My bees produced no honey this year. They are angrily buzzing around the hive in desperate search of food. Late summer was harsh here.

But October! Just this week, the goldenrod bloomed and the bees settled. I flung open all the windows and screen doors in the house to air out the staleness. I dug out my abandoned fleece to drive to carpool this morning. Hallelujah! October is here.

I've been visiting schools, doing a workshop using "The Healing Touch" book. Thanks to you all, the book reached number one in its category on Amazon opening week!  I'll be at The Book Mart on October 15th from 11-12 in Starkville leading parents and kids through this powerful exercise.

We read the book and the kids share their fears about the world, like the boy in the story. We write these fears down on a large blue paper. Each class has had enough fears to cover that paper. Then, I give the kids a yellow hand or heart. They write down one thing they can do as kids to make the world a little better. One by one, they post their acts of kindness over the dark words. Slowly, light covers dark. 

They say things like, "I'm scared something bad will happen to my family," or "I think I might get kidnapped." 
They are afraid of sharks, and snakes, and wars. They have a lot of worries, but they have a lot of good ideas too.

"I could sit next to a kid who doesn't have any friends at lunch," one boy says. "One year, I didn't have any friends."

"My church helps feed homeless people. I go sometimes," writes another.

"We should get our President to help," says one boy.

"Let's not wait on adults to make good changes," I encourage them. "You can do so much good right now."

"I can help stop bullying in my school," says a brave girl. In the end, the kids agree to take their light into the world.


The Healing Touch is available at The Book Mart and at Amazon.
Order here. 
Help your child or class put a dent in the darkness. Teach them how to use their Healing Touch. Here is a list of resources on how to get started!
If you have had a chance to read The Healing Touch, consider leaving an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads. It only takes a few seconds and helps other readers. Thank you!
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