Supertalk Mississippi and The Homestead

A few years ago, we hosted a workshop called The Mind Body Connection for counselors who were looking for the latest research to use in practice. I met an amazing man, Buddy Wagner, at that workshop who said, "I decided that it shouldn't take years to help clients in talk therapy. There had to be a better way!"

That better way turned into a weekend-long retreat at The Homestead called Beating Anxiety and Depression. That workshop was so popular, we created an online course through the non-profit and added counselor, Lynn Peterson, to the project.

This year, we took that content and produced a book and workbook you can use at home. Here is an interview with Richelle Putnam at Supertalk Mississippi and President of the Mississippi Writer's Guild, Susan Marquez on some of the techniques included. Start at the ten minute mark and pass it on!