Best Homesteading Sites for Southerners


When we set out to start our homestead in Mississippi ten years ago most of the homesteading advice came from places with cold winters, or different growing zones, and different livestock concerns. We wanted to find people who were dealing with hot, humid summers, mild winters, and who were facing the same struggles we were up against in our grand adventure. Here are some of our favorites from our journey.

Alderman Farms - We watched this couple come into their own as homesteaders and we love their generous spirit and practical advice.

J & J Acres is the real deal. He shares his large family’s success and lessons learned in an accessible set of videos.

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG) - We spent one of the most productive weekends of our homesteading lives at the annual SSAWG Conference when we were getting started. There is no better way to learn a lot fast! Their website is FULL of great resources and how-to information and videos.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - This is our favorite place to order seeds because they field test plants in conditions similar to our and provides loads of information on the best varieties for our climate and specific needs. This Facebook Page is out of North Carolina. It’s my go to site for general homesteading advice and articles.

We are always looking for new information. What are your favorite blogs, youtube channels, and resources?

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