How To Create a Blue Zone in Your Home for Longer, Healthier Lives

How To Create a Blue Zone in Your Home for Longer, Healthier Lives.png

My husband Mike and I have been obsessed with The Blue Zone Project since it came out as a book in 2015. The author identifies the places with the world's longest-lived, and presumably healthiest, people and examines their diets, lifestyles, and habits. This winter we picked up the National Geographic summary edition and sparked our interest right at the end of the year. We vowed make our home into a Blue Zone during our annual Real Food for Real Families Reset at The Homestead Education Center.

Here’s a Round-up of the Resources we are using to Create a Blue Zone in Our Home:

The Blue Zone Food Guidelines - This is the ultimate summary of what’s on the list and what is not! I printed out a list and stuck it on the fridge.

THE ULTIMATE HEALTH PODCAST - Don’t have time to read the book? Take a listen to this podcast with Dan Buettner – The Blue Zones • 4 Foods You Should Always Have On Hand • The Importance Of Naps

Blue Zone Recipes - Less than 30 minutes to assemble, Taste tested by experts and Follow the Blue Zones Guidelines for longevity.

Blue Zone Facebook Page - Up to date research, recipes, and success stories that motivate us to keep going!

How to Create a Blue Zone Community - One of the coolest things to come out of The Blue Zone Project are the community efforts. Who would have thought Fort Worth Texas would be a likely place for change?

There is even information on how to create a Blue Zone Retreat….and of course we are looking into this for 2019 at The Homestead! Follow along on our Facebook Page and let us know how your home or community is going blue!