The Tension Between Filling Up and Giving Out


I want to apologize for neglecting The Homestead community lately. You are the reason we can do what we do at The Homestead and I know that. I've been distracted by so many wonderful efforts - raising money to keep a community center open that changes lives, chasing my kids to so many activities, promoting a book that gives ALL kids motivation to becoming successful independent readers, meetings, meetings, meetings, and trying to remember to tend The Homestead.

Sometimes I think, I don't have time for The Homestead!


The Homestead is grounding, and everything else is energy going out. I need both. I need to fill up constantly so that I can give out. Taking time out to feed the chickens, let the goats out of their barn, and pull weeds is THE REASON I have the energy to do the rest. Taking an hour to receive Reiki from my friend who understands energy, taking time to sit in the sunshine for yoga, taking time to let kids run businesses at the Crawfish Boil - actually creates more time. More energy.


It isn't one or the other. It is the tension between both that fuels me. I CANNOT walk by heartache in the world and say, "It's someone else's problem." I also know, I cannot fix it all. I am called to do SOMETHING. And then the next SOMETHING. In order to continue that walk I need gardens, and healthy food, and prayer, and feet planted in nature.

God, it is beautiful outside this Saturday morning! I'm so happy we scheduled the Crawfish Boil and Kids fair this weekend and hope to see you with your toes in the grass tomorrow.